Day 8 | 1st July

Day 8

As much as I loved staying in the fantastic lodge, the road was calling me to push on. Now that I was well over the half way point and within seven days, all of a sudden completing this challenge did not seem so daunting anymore. I’m fully recharged and ready for Week 2.

The shoes now clip into the pedals without second thought, the pannier bags secure into their position like I’ve been on the road for months and I feel my legs are now turning into two well-oiled pistons.

I hit Carlisle in a few hours. I don’t really know this town that well, though have zoomed past it on a train many times. So I decide to pop into the railway station. It’s so strange to all of a sudden see it from an opposite point of view, – looking through the train windows into the carriage where I would usually be sitting looking out. So I stand there for a few minutes feeling all so proud and independent, knowing that this time I don’t need these massive machines of steel to get me home. He-he. I love trains, but at the moment I have no desire to board one. So I pedal on.




Well ladies and gentlemen, leaving the last of the English landscape behind I quite quickly arrive at this little sign.  Pretty sure I can smell the Highlands air from here.

The Border

My face has almost reached the same colour as the jacket..


As soon as I cross the border, I rush to the nearest groceries shop, hoping to find an essential ingredient I have been missing for days..

Ultimate Fuel @ Gretna

Ultimate cycling fuel!


With two Tunnock’s wafers in my belly, I skip lunch and keep zooming up towards Moffat, where I have agreed a rendezvous with couple of members of my clan.

On the way there I cross M74 couple of times. Seeing all the cars zooming up and down, I get a similar feeling as at the Carlisle train station..

M74 near Johnstonebridge

M74 near Johnstonebridge


Shortly after I roll into Moffat. Where I find my elders waiting for me full of warmth, excitement, pride and more importantly the cake I ordered couple of days ago.


All members of the zoo..


I have my lunch, sleep for a while on Ed’s shoulder, gracefully consume my mum’s signature cake Napoleon..

Napoleon Feasting

Please donate generously..


Leaving Moffat

.. and cheered on by the papa bear, I set off again into the sunset.


Above M74

I climb to the top of the Greenhillstairs above M74.


Little Clyde

Glasgow river’s origins.


It’s been an eventful day, and with 87 miles of burnt rubber I’m a happy bear.

Mount View at Abbington

Pitch at Mount View in Abbington


As I’m fading away, I have a wee peek at the location dot on my phone.


A very satisfying sight


Next Day..

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