Day 11 | 4th July

Day 11

Morning! Fully recharged, I’m leaving Cairngorms behind me, now chasing the sun down the hill..

Leaving Cairngorns

Leaving Dalwhinnie and Cairngorms behind


Well the landscape has yet again deceiving, yet this time a welcome effect. Completely opposite to yesterdays experience, my eyes are looking at a road that seems to be climbing up, but for the next couple of hours the top gear is engaged most of the time, as I fly 25 miles down the road. “This is too easy!” I think to myself..

Spoke too soon though, – soon after passing Aviemore another, 170m over 15miles climb to 400 meters awaits me. Not that big of a deal in itself, but my worst enemy meets me half way up this ascent – massive headwind. The first time I have come across this bugger was in Scottish uplands during my 110 mile Glasgow – Edinburgh challenge last year. The hills of all sorts shapes and gradients I can deal with, but the headwind is the most challenging force of nature. It drains me physically and emotionally like nothing else, – you can pedal as fast or as slow, as hard or as gentle as you want – but it just feels like you’re going backwards.

None the less I go all primal and shout “Is that all you’ve got!?”, so it gives me more.. So be it. Taking lots of cycling baby steps, I plough through the wind and get to the second highest summit of Cairngorms, – the Slochd.

Slochd Summit

It’s all downhill from here.. till Inverness at least


After a brief sandwich stop at Tomatin, I’m now back on the road and the hard climbing work is paying off again. I glide down to the northern capital of Inverness. There I stop at a caffe on the bank of River Ness, where I’m served a damn good cup of tea and a massive scone with cream and jam, whilst I’m planning what to do next.


Inverness on a sunny day, – not sure if I’ve seen that before


I make a plan to meet a great scott tomorrow in Tain, so decide to push a bit further on, to Dingwall.

Near Conon Bridge

Checking out a mountain range behind Conon Bridge


Soon after I roll into Dingwall itself, and setup in the nearest campsite.

Dingwall Pitch

Could always nick that motorbike during the night, but I’m too close to Dunnet now


I take a look at the map. Extremely satisfying to see the Dunnet Head at the top.

Which way next?

Which way do I finish this? Many options, only one bear


Nighty night..

Next Day..

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