The Beginning

So my dear chums, for those who might be unaware of this, I recently set myself a challenge of cycling the length of UK, and raise some funds for a Glasgow based children’s charity Yorkhill Muscle Fund. I have finally managed … Continue reading

Day 2 | 25th June

Well, good morning to ya all!  Ok first things first. Breakfast geek time: Pinhead porridge is the way forward for some morning fuel.. This particular pack is a courtesy of Dr Findlay who happens to be a Nuclear Physicist & Clinical … Continue reading

Day 6 | 29th June

Having snoozed on a comfy bed, I’m all recharged and on my way to not the most eventful day, but full of super-efficient cycling: . . . . . . Next Day..

Day 11 | 4th July

Morning! Fully recharged, I’m leaving Cairngorms behind me, now chasing the sun down the hill.. . Well the landscape has yet again deceiving, yet this time a welcome effect. Completely opposite to yesterdays experience, my eyes are looking at a … Continue reading